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Every family must register a parent/guardian (adult 18+) for the Annual Family Membership Dues ($50). This must be done prior to registering for individual teams. 


Please review each level of play and click on the appropriate link for your child. If they are a new participant, you will be asked to create a new account for them. You may register additional children before completing payment. The payment plan is available for all levels of play except for Flag Football and Flag Cheer and it is the default selection for payment. If you wish to pay in full at the time of registration, you may select that option. 


PLEASE NOTE: The Holmdel Football Association does NOT guarantee that each level of play will be available. The number of participants registering at each level will determine whether or not a team will be fielded. 


All proceeds from registration will be used by the Holmdel Football Association in accordance to the bylaws and constitution of the program. 

**Annual Family Membership is NOT required for Speed & Agility Clinics, Parents Night Out, Yearbook Ads, etc.**